Hopefully reading through this blog has helped spur your interest in the great state of Wyoming. As you can tell, I am proud to have grown up and worked here and love teaching people about what we have to offer. One thing Wyoming has in abundance is a frontier spirit and a friendly business environment. Yeehaw!

Why do business in Wyoming, though, you are probably asking yourself? Or, maybe, you think you don’t want to own any horses or be involved in agriculture. Please don’t be silly, there are many industries here which do not fall into the age old categories the rest of the USA tries to box us Wyomians into! We lead the way in many industries, not just coal and agriculture. Jackson Hole also has a great court system for business disputes, though I cannot testify to this personally (thankfully!)  Who knows, maybe you’ll find a company which meets your needs even better than one right around the street from you.

wyoming registered agent services

Many people start Wyoming companies, by choosing a Wyoming agent, without even moving here. That link will lead you a local law firm in Sheridan which helps with corporate services from forming llcs, to being a registered agent and acting as a virtual office. These services aren’t just for large corporations. They are for the little guy as well. The guy who wants to start a small business, work hard and get ahead for his family.


As you can see, we are a pretty diverse group of people. Because of our heritage, and the inhospitable winters, we have been forced to engage in a business policy which essentially amounts to “catch as catch can”, meaning you take whatever work you can get when you can get it, because you never know when the next payday will be. In the old days, if you didn’t roll up your sleeves and work hard then you were virtually guaranteed to starve. There were no comfy office jobs! In my opinion, most people miss out on good opportunities because good luck comes dressed in overalls and looks like hard work! Ha! How’s that for the truth.

Anyway, consider moving here to start a business. We have some of the lowest state taxes around. No income tax and our property taxes are as lowwwww as you can go. I sometimes mail my check to the State the day I get my bill because I am afraid they will change their mind. We also are pretty big on privacy. As I state on the front page we have a real big “dont ask about me and i wont ask about you” attitude. Don’t register it as being unfriendly, think of it as enjoying your “me” space. That’s how I get along anyway.

Beyond our super fresh air, these are just some of the reasons to do business in WY. Whether you want to move here permanently, are looking for a vacation house, or just want to pursue a business opportunity, Wyoming makes a great place to spend time, form an llc and find registered agent services. Browse my other pages to learn more about what’s around.





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