Let’s start with my favorite website for roadtrips: http://www.roadsideamerica.com/location/wy . It will list every little, wacky, crazy thing you can even imagine, from the small to the large. Give this site to the kids and put them in charge of helping to plan the next road trip! I use it as a trick to keep the grand kids quiet 😉

This is a favorite “oddball excursion” of mine:

Ames Brothers Pyramid

Buford, Wyoming

The Ames Brothers, fatcat 19th century industrialists, are now as forgotten as the towering pyramid that was built in their honor.

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If you get bored with the above site then consider browsing my collection of fun facts below and let me know what you think!

Wyoming Basics:
a) Wyoming became a state in 1890 and was acquired during the 1803 Louisiana Purchase.

b) Wyoming has 97,914 square miles, making us the 10th largest. As mentioned above, we have the smallest population. Counter-intuitively, though, this doesn’t make us the least densely populated.  Alaska gets that distinction as  it’s several multiples of our size. In fact, Alaska is the largest state!

c) Cody, Wyoming was named after William “Buffalo Bill”.

d) The 38th U.S. president, Gerald Ford, was once a Yellowstone Park Ranger. Who knew?!

e) Wyoming humans are outnumbered by its sheep. The numbers are 800k to 500k. This makes us the second largest wool producer.

Wyoming Record Book:

a) Wyoming allowed suffrage first. That is correct! We were the first stage to allow women to vote. Perhaps this explains why our motto is “Equality Rights” and meanwhile our nickname is “The Equality State”.

b) Wyoming is a haven for U.S. National Parks. For example, Yellowstone National Park was the first national park, Shoshone the first national forest, and the first national monument was Devil’s Tower. Shortly, I can’t say enough about this campground. It is one of the best in WY and by far the best near Devil’s Tower. Stop by if you ever get the chance. It simply does not get better than this for nature lovers.

c) The biggest bronze bust, in the world, is carved to resemble Abraham Lincoln.

d) You may not realize it, but the electricity you are using could be coming from Wyoming coal. Nearby is the biggest open surface coal mine. Coal, bentonite and trona contributor greatly to the state coffers. The state’s very first coal mine opened in Carbon, WY.

e) Wyoming’s peak is 13,809 feet at Gannet, so get your hiking boots ready! The lowest point is Belle Fourche which measures in at a mere 3,099 feet. Sorry, no beaches around here!

f) My personal favorite is the mineral hot spring in Thermopolis. It is the world’s LARGEST. The water is heated to 135 F! This is the perfect place to warm up no matter the weather.

g) And brrrrrr, can it get cold! Our state’s coldest day was -66 F! Yikes!

Honorable Mentions:

JCPenney stores began near Kemmerer.

The first Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile was deployed near Cheyenne and now represents the largest cluster of minute-man missiles in the U.S.


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