I compiled a fun list of facts about Wyoming for you. We are the least populated state ( fact!), but we offer many national firsts. Whether you’re planning an epic cross-country road trip, or just want jeopardy facts, you should check out below 🙂

Top Natural Landmarks:


It is impossible to describe Yellowstone National Park using mere words. Geysers, Bison, and waterfalls are a few things you’ll have to have the pleasure of experiencing first hand. Stepping into the park pretty much resembles 100% the feeling of stepping into alien world. Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore! We’re in Wyoming! Hehe. 60% of the WORLD’S geyser activity is in this small park. From tiny thermals off the main road to the grand Old Faithful, you’re always up close and personal. Below is a picture of Morning Glory:
wyoming morning glory
Just driving around the park will yield ample opportunities to observe wildlife in their natural habitat. Through concerted effort, the Bison population has rebounded and stabilized. These miraculous creatures wander the park unimpeded. Just be sure to slow down when you see one!

The park also has innumerable falls and canyons which dazzle the eye. While the Grand Canyon may be Grand, our canyon is spectacular in all but name. Whether you wish to embark upon a multi-mile hiking odyssey, or view the sights from the comfort of a conveniently situated look-out, you will not run out of attractions that are simple, yet never cease to amaze.

Devil’s Tower

Was Devil’s Tower created by aliens? Probably not. However, the fact it is merely naturally occurring does not in any way lessen its brilliance. It rose to the national spotlight after being featured in Jody Foster’s film. There is a trail which leads the whole way around and provides differing vantage points. Be sure to take some photos for your friends.


Teton National Park is located in North Western Wyoming, just south of Yellowstone. One of it’s most famous attractions is Jackson Hole. This world renowned city is famous for its high-quality ski slopes and striking landscapes. With a 4,000 ft. vertical drop it competes with Vail, CO for a perfect mixture of challenging skiing and high-quality food!

Thermopolis Springs

The Thermopolis Springs are the world’s largest single natural spring. The water comes out of the ground at a scalding 135 Fahrenheit. Don’t worry, it is chilled before being pumped into your natural thermal spring hot tub! In all fairness, though, we must warn you the springs naturally produce sulfur and so there will be an ever-so-slight rotten eggs smell. Don’t worry, it’s part of the charm and you quickly become used to it (even if you never quite learn to like it). 😉


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